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Unique Jewellery

the Reva range

The Reva range of costume jewellery represents exquisite, original hand-crafted pieces using Swarovski crystals, beads, enamel or semi precious stones. Reva’s silver jewellery features unusual designs made from sterling silver or rose gold and semi-precious stones. Most pieces are one-offs.

NOTE | The pieces pictured on this site is only a very small cross section of the current range of designs, styles and colours covered by the Reva at Tilba collection. If you can’t see exactly what you are after here, on our new arrivals page or in our online shop then get in touch and we can help find the perfect piece for you | Contact Reva at Tilba


French lace tatting is an early 19th century technique which creates beautiful hand made collectibles. Pieces are made from pearls, beads, Japanese silk thread, gemstones and gold producing a look and feel that is classic, modern, luxurious and casual at the same time – plus will last for generations.